Horton & Associates of Wurtsboro, LLC 

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About Us

In 2015 Horton & Associates of Wurtsboro, LLC was established. Formerly John C. Horton Architect, the business has been providing over 30 years of quality service in Sullivan County and the surrounding areas. John Horton took pride in himself on developing well thought out design projects that met the needs of all his clients and the communities that were involved. In 2014 John passed away and the business has been taken over by his family. The family continues to incorporate all of John's visions in the business. 

We work with our clients through all aspects of the building process, from a simple design, all the way to the final stages of construction. Our work reflects the same attention to detail and high level of professionalism that John had. We have received several awards from the Sullivan Showcase Awards for our outstanding work on both residential and commercial projects.


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